Sankofa Discount Card

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Support our Schools, Business, & Community OrganizationsThe Sankofa discount card is a 3 fold benefit to the communities it serves. It’s a simple way to support schools and community organizations, promote community based businesses and empower the people who make it all happen! Community Schools/Programs can use this card as a yearly fundraiser, they promote […]


Tamu Sanya Kanyama Prep

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Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy of Creative Arts and Media Technology  “Molding Scholars… Building Legacy” Mission: To provide a nurturing, supportive, culturally centered, spiritually enriched, learning environment designed to support students and their families. Our ambition is to inspire a commitment to scholarship, family, and community while maintaining a standard of excellence manifested through academics, […]


Africa for the Africans

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Africa for the AfricansThe Journey of a Lifetime – Your Gateway to Paradise on the Continent of Africa January 9, 2013Welcome to Africa for the Africans: Tours and Investments. Join us on the ultimate journey to the motherland to experience a vibrant Africa with a mix of roots, culture, paradise, night life, shopping, networking, business and investment opportunities. […]


Elementary Genocide

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Elementary Genocide Elementary Genocide is a documentary executive produced by award winning journalist/filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz. The documentary appeals to a wide general viewership by addressing the social, cultural, political and personal ramifications of how the federal government allots money to each state, to build prions based on the failure rate of 4th and 5th graders. In […]