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Nation Building Time

How long is Black People going to continue to put up with the disrespectful treatment given to us, in all levels of the United States Society?  



Most times Black people react to an injustice, instead of strategically planning and coming up with permanent solutions for the problems we face in the U.S., in all areas of life.  It took only one Jewish person to be hung in the United States in order for the Jewish Defense League (JDL) to be formed by Jews in America.  It is time that Black People accept that only we can better our living conditions everywhere we are.  We all see the injustice given to Blacks everyday in the United States.  There is no hope for our people in depending on others, who are not us, to do for us.  This is a formula for failure.  This injustice will continue until Black (African) People organize themselves in documented NUMBERS.  The biggest fear of those people who are trying to keep us down is that one day we will unite in NUMBERS.  Shaka Zulu defeated the British in South Africa in the late 1800’s, by sending 1000’s of Zulu Warriors in a systematic order to wipe out the British invaders.  What made the gathering in Jena, Louisiana so forceful?  Is there something Blacks (Africans) in the United States can learn from this?  Mostly all Black People believe in Nation Building.  Can having functions and events, like we been doing, build a Nation?   The obvious answer is no.  Neither, can blaming the white man or other people build nations.  The system has tricked Black People in the belief of “every man for themselves”.  There can be no nation building with this mentality because this leaves the masses of our people not seeing the BIG PICTURE.  The BIG PICTURE is that Blacks in the United States of America, no matter if you were born in the U.S., the Caribbean, Africa, or anywhere else, we all get treated with the same injustice by both governmental and private entities everywhere we are.  Not to mention that, our home land, Africa, is being raped of its natural resources and we, African people, are not benefiting from what is our natural birth rights.  When an officer pulls over a Black man, he just sees him as being black.  Therefore if they are seeing and treating us as “one people”, we need to organize as One Nation in order to have any power against the injustice we all face.  We need to work not only on short term goals (taking care of food, clothing, and shelter individually), but we must work on medium and long term permanent goals and solutions for our people in all areas of life.  We, Black People, have to know that Nation Building takes place regularly and everyday.  We should be doing Nation Building Activities in-between events, during events (documenting all who is at the event), and during our daily routine (gathering contact information/skills for our people’s database) of activities we have scheduled.  Nation Building is gathering the masses of our people through documentation and organizing ourselves intelligently so that when all is said-and-done, we have gathered, documented, and organized our people across all individuals, families, businesses, organizations, institutions, and spiritualities into One Body.  Nation Building is increasing the NUMBERS of people in the Collective daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.  It is all a numbers game.  Nation Building is organizing our people internally.  Having events and functions, is external organizing.  Nation building is to know that everything Black People do or say, fits someplace in the One Body of our people.  Nation Building is gathering and documenting 35 million Blacks in the United States into One Body.   The One Body is the 50 different departments of our people’s skills, talents, and intelligence (education).  In this way we will be able to unite our people across all individuals, families, businesses, organizations, institutions, and spiritualities based on our skills, talents, and intelligence (education).  The United States governmental system and private system (corporations) will keep on dis-respecting Black (African) People worldwide, until we gather (literal definition for unite) our people together in a collective force locally, nationally, and internationally.  No matter what area of work each Black person is in, your efforts will be more successful with the momentum and the weight of a collective documented force of our people behind and in support of you and your works.Imagine that if all Black People could unite together on the same team, the African Race Team, with the resources we have to aid, support, help, and promote us, we could have a tremendous impact on the upliftment of our people.  These would be our team players on the public scene…Bill Cosby, Reverend Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farakhan, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Hank Aaron, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, the Hip Hop crew, all other Black public figures, the upper, middle, and lower economic classes of Black People, you, and me.  CBPM knows this is possible.Blacks (Africans) in the United States do not have a government to represent us.  We know the US Government owes Black People.  Black people will deal with these issues when we get to that bridge.  The Bridge that we are crossing now is the bridge of doing for ourselves and establishing a system that creates a win-win condition for all of our people, Nation Building.  CBPM’s mission is to gather all of our people back together.  Thus CBPM represents a default government for our people.  Default because, CBPM is not claiming anything, or asking for land, these issues will be dealt with at the appropriate time.  All CBPM is claiming at this time is our people and we have set out as our mission to gather, document, and organize our Nation of Black people back together into the One Body of the 50 different departments of our people’s Skill’s, Talents, and Intelligence (Education).  Because it is Nation Building Time.

Black Leaders Needed

Locally, Nationally, and Internationally…City to City, State to State, Nation to Nation…Let’s take responsibility for solving our own problems.  We can do it. We have the Skills,Talents, and Intelligence (Education). Get Involved!

The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)

The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) is a Black Engineering Design for Black People and is Responsible for:


Engineering Department

a.  CBPM Design
b.  Organizational Structure
c.  Ensures CBPM Operates Efficiently
d.  CBPM Analysis (members)
e.  CBPM Statistics (website and more)
f.  Establishment of Systems of Operation
g.  Recruitment of Engineers
h.  Engineering Training Program for our youths and people.
i.  The Plan (A-Z on the Collective)


CBPM's Mission