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CBPM’s Economic Plan

 If a 1000 Black People come together and put 27 cents a day into a collective account, after 1 year we would have generated $98,550.


There is no bail out plan for Black People or the poor. We have to bail out ourselves.Most of us have heard if black people could collectively contribute a $1 a day to a collective account, this can go a long way to make things better for black people. This idea is brilliant. There is something in this for us all. But, not all black people can afford to contribute a $1 a day. Most black people can contribute pennies or change each day.



Therefore the CBPM has adopted a general membership due amount for any black individual of 27 cents a day. If a 1000 black people come together and contribute 27 cents each day in a collective account, after one year we would have generated $98,550.After 12 years of organizing our people, the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) implemented our Economic Plan in January, 2009. The CBPM is asking our creator and ancestors to guide us, bless us, and enable each one of us, the CBPM members, to hold to our commitment of the membership rate we have signed up with at the CBPM. Let’s do this with love and purpose for our ancestors, people, our children, and our future. There is no pass membership due amount owed by any member of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM). We thank those who have already been paying their membership dues. The Economic Plan will be managed by the CBPM Administration Department via an Economic Plan Committee. All brothers and sisters who selected to be in the CBPM Administration Department are called upon to assist in the implementation and management of CBPM Economic Plan. With the great numbers of our people and moral support we can solve our own financial dilemmas. Please join the CBPM member’s monthly conference call on the first Sundays of each month by dialing 218-844-8230 and entering Access Code 195044#. The next member’s meeting conference call is on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 from 8pm – 9:30pm. Please plan to call in, we need your voice. All CBPM members are urged to review the CBPM economic plan. Please analyze this plan and if you see anyway we can improve it, let the CBPM Administration Department know. We are seeking your input, comments, and approval of the CBPM Economic Plan. Comments and questions in reference to the CBPM Economic plan can be sent to: admin@cbpm.org