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  • 5 Tips for Getting Back to the Basics of Holistic Nutrition April 23, 2017
     1. Increase Your Water Intake  We always hear that we need to increase our water intake. We, often, have great intentions to drink more water, too. However, most people’s primary complaint about drinking more water is that it lacks taste. One way I encourage my holistic nutrition clients to drink the average recommendation of one […]
    Brandi Lynette
  • Former President of NAACP Arrested for Allegations of Embezzlement April 17, 2017
    Greetings,We are submitting this request for assistance with legal defense and to gain public supports for Ann Spell.  Ann is a freedom fighter and former President of the NAACP, and WIN (Women in NAACP) in LaGrange, GA.Ann was wrongfully convicted of criminal charges in a conspiracy perpetuated by the leaders in LaGrange because she voiced […]
    Timmesha A. Burgess
  • Has Black America Changed its View of Soul Food? March 27, 2017
    Growing up, many of our parents and their parents had frequent family gatherings where what is known as "Soul Food" was considered a requirement or even a sacrament to have at every get-together; whether it was a Sunday Family Dinner or outing, a BBQ Cookout, or an Outdoor Fish-Fry. However, with the coming about of the "Information […]
    Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi
  • Creating Generational Wealth March 14, 2017
    Generational Wealth is a term or idea which has crippled minority households since its inception in the “free world” specifically. As a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma the home of “Black Wall Street,” I grew up with an obligation to create opportunities which would produce wealth. In our current day, it seems unimaginable to have a […]
    LaToya Rose
  • Create a Lifestyle Around Love & Money: Books With Couples In Mind February 14, 2017
    When it comes to marriage, handling money and thinking about where you can start is quite taxing and mainly, overwhelming. If you are looking for a book which will help you out in the domain of handling personal finances, a list should be within your reach at all time just in case you walk into […]
    Cozette M. White