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High Flying Rockets

Greetings Family, the High Flying Rocket Class

Greetings Family, the High Flying Rocket Class is now being offered every Saturday afternoon at the UNIA/CBPM Office from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

This class will teach your child and you the basic math and science involved with objects flying in the air, such as a Rocket.  We will examine the displacement equation, velocity equation, and the acceleration of gravity which governs the path of all objects that are air borne.  The math involved is basic and can be taught to elementary, middle school, and high school students.  By taking the rocket class, you and your child will become more comfortable with how math can be applied in the real world.  This class will inspire the creative genius of our children and get them thinking in the frame of mind of an inventor.

The class is taught by the Rocket Man who is a Mechanical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, and Teacher of Mathematics and Science, from the Elementary to the University level.  

It takes 1 class session on Saturday afternoon to completely build and fly your High Flying Rocket. The
class covers an introduction to the math & science involved in all things moving in free space.  Then the construction of our Rocket in class. The building our High Flying Rocket involves making and putting together the Fucilogue, Nose Cone, Wings, Parachute, and Decorating our High Flying Rocket. Then we will put the finishing touches on our rocket in preparation for launch. Are you ready to launch your High Flying Rockets high up into the sky. Don't Be late for the Count Down. 10, 9, 8... 1, 0, Blast Off!

The cost of the class is inexpensive and a great Family Activity to do on a Saturday Afternoon. Our children can be rocket scientists.


Next class starts this Saturday.
For more information call 678-827-CBPM (2276).
The Luxor Couture will sponsor 1 child with straight
A's for the High Flying Rocket class.

Call we today!!!


High Flying Rocket Class

High Flying Rockets in Action