Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute

Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute

Mission: Kilombo fosters an academically excellent and culturally relevant education that produces students who are equipped to succeed globally and are committed to social justice.

 About Us: Kilombo Academic & Cultural Institute is a home school tutorial project that educates children from Pre- K and Kindergarten to the 8th grade.

Our concept based units integrate social studies, science, art, music, math, and language arts, and are taught from a culturally relevant perspective. In addition, our reading and math instruction is differentiated so that your child will be assessed and given exactly what she or he needs.

We also utilize technology and field trips as a large part of our curriculum. Most importantly, we understand that children learn best in a community where they are loved, respected, and expected to produce excellence. We welcome you and your child to the Kilombo community.

Kilombo is a home school tutorial project. We offer all day tutorial services to parents who would like to homeschool their children but have to work. Our classrooms are small and intimate and the children's instruction is differentiated. We are a family.

We believe that: Culturally relevant education is holistic . It permeates every dimension of human existence-physical, spiritual, intellectual, relational and the communal. It is also a life long process.

Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute