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"We have the Solution to Pollution and the Answer to Our Prayers"

What Is Agnihotra Homa Therappy?

An ancient ayurvedic scientific practice performed at sunrise and sunset to bring balance in the atmosphere for the benefit of mankind. Agnihotra Homa Therappy is the science of bioenergy, psychotherapy, medicine, agriculture, biogenetics, climate engineering and interplanetary communication. A sacred process of purification of the atmosphere with elements from the earth of Copper, shaped into a pyramid turned up to the biorhythms of sun rays, the womb. Cow Dung pure burning agent. Ghee butter without the fat, the sweet elixir for the earth. Brown rice, the grain for the brain and fire with smoke that don’t chock.

The practitioner of Agnihotra at sun rise and sun set, begin to experience clean water, sweet fresh air, healthy soil, peaceful happy people and others creatures within one mile 360 degrees of the location of the Pyramid. For more information on the benefits, (Google: Agnihotra)

"We are all Beings of Eartha. ashes to ashes, dust to dust and the rest is water."
Priestess NuRa-Dina

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