The Nsoromma School

The Nsoromma School

Mission: Our methodology is consistent with our purpose and goal of education and consistent with the best knowledge that we have about children and their learning styles. We use a variety of approaches, including hands-on activities, discovery learning, skill practice, conceptual development, research models, active learning, small group activities, problem-solving, creativity, dialogue, debate, and authentic applications.

Philosophy: We believe children are Divine Gifts. They come to us with the potential to illuminate the universe. It is our responsibility to provide our children with opportunities to develop their unique talents and gifts and to support them as they learn the lessons necessary to grow to their brightest potential. Our children will be able to think for themselves. They will be able to successfully compete with anyone on an academic basis and they will have a strong sense of positive group and self-identity, respect for self and others, and appropriate social skills. They will be well-rounded and balanced in their lives. This philosophy is implemented through a focus on Academic Excellence, Character Development, and an African-centered perspective.

Academic Excellence
At The Nsoromma School we use both traditional and innovative teaching methods to create a stimulating and nurturing environment in which each child can blossom and shine. We have high expectations and we challenge students to achieve at their highest level. We build on what students bring and help them identify and use their strengths as they handle their challenges and move forward. Academic excellence is a realistic and necessary expectation for our children.

Character Development
We encourage cooperation, demonstrate respect of self and others, and stimulate a thirst for knowledge and understanding. We believe that all things in the universe are interconnected and interdependent and that what we do affects not only us individually, but also affects those around us. We desire to build character and cultivate values that support and celebrate life.

African- Centered
From the temples of ancient Kemet and the universities of West Africa, to the secret reading lessons during American slavery and the free schools of the Reconstruction period, academic excellence has been a part of African and African American culture. Therefore, we utilize the strengths of our cultural ways of learning to facilitate academic excellence. We believe students should know and appreciate their own culture as a basis for exploring and understanding others. back to top

The Nsoromma School