Tamu Sanya Kanyama Prep

Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy of Creative Arts and Media Technology

 “Molding Scholars… Building Legacy”

Mission: To provide a nurturing, supportive, culturally centered, spiritually enriched, learning environment designed to support students and their families.

Our ambition is to inspire a commitment to scholarship, family, and community while maintaining a standard of excellence manifested through academics, creative arts and media technology.

Affirmation: I am capable ready and willing to face life’s challenges. My mind if focused, my body is disciplined, my spirit is tuned in to an infinite frequency.”

Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy of Creative Arts and Media Technology is an accredited, Non-traditional Education Center;

Effective July 1, 2013 ( Implemented at My Way HSC Fall 2011), Non -Traditional Education Centers will be defined as those centers serving home schooled students a maximum of 60% of the time at the center.  The remaining 40% of the time must be spend studying at home or at a place designated by the parents.  Parents or guardians may teach their own children in the home study program or parents or guardians may employ a tutor who holds at least a high school diploma or GED equivalence diploma to teach their children.”
~ Georgia Accreditation Commission

TSK Prep (Formerly My Way Home School Collective)  

was founded in 2008 by Aynda Jackson (Robert), Donna Wilberg (Lendon), Wendy Washington (Roderick) , and Aminah Abdullah. These four mothers were determined to make sure the education their children received was second to none!  My Way HSC was birthed as a safe haven for scholastic excellence. The home school as well as the children quickly outgrew the resources of the initial program and by Fall 2009 My Way HSC had opened it’s doors as a full time High School program seeking accreditation. Accreditation was awarded in Fa.. 2011 and is up to date and current.  My Way HSC graduated students in 2012, and 2013 before officially changing it’s name to honor long time educator and community activist Sister Tamu Sana Kanyama.