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  • Letter: Dear Everybody May 4, 2017
    Letters: Dear Everybody Everybody got issues But no one wants to listen Instead they hand you tissues And tell you to stop crying Trying to make the unconscious mind conscious Release repressed emotions and experiences That talking cure Freudian slips hidden secrets hidden disturbances Nobody wants to hear the truth because it’s Colombian cocaine pure […]
  • ALL HAIL THE QUEENS!Join us on Feb. 3rd @sweetspotatlanta!... January 24, 2017
    ALL HAIL THE QUEENS!Join us on Feb. 3rd @sweetspotatlanta! Visit for RSVP intoCONTACT 657-777-3324 FOR THE GATE CODE
  • #PowerToThePoets Much thanks & appreciation to everyone who... January 21, 2017
    #PowerToThePoets Much thanks & appreciation to everyone who came out last night in celebration of Preech The Profit’s 26th year of life! Our next open mic event is scheduled for Feb. 3rd, so mark the date on your calendar! CLICK HERE TO RSVP  or CALL OR TEXT 850-454-8732 FOR THE GATE CODE OR VENUE LOCATION
  • Photo January 7, 2017
  • I Can't Breathe July 14, 2016
    Why don’t we all just hold our breath? Wrap our hands around our own throats until there’s no air left. Buy the gun Buy the bullets And then pull the trigger. Look straight in the barrel and say bye bye figure. Let’s just disconnect. Create a new reality. No more marching, no protesting. Let’s just […]