U.N.I.A-ACL Atlanta Division 421

The Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Division 421

DIVBANNERThe Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) and Garveyites in Atlanta, Georgia, has given birth to one of the newest Divisions of the Universal Negro Improvement Association – African Community Leagues (UNIA-ACL).  The Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Division 421 was formed in July 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Julius Nyerere founded the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) in 1954.  When Tanganyika attained independence from the British colonial rule, Dr. Julius Nyerere brought Tanganyika and Zanzibar into a union thus becoming the first president of the United Republic of Tanzania.  The forming of the Julius Nyerere/CBPM Division 421, represents great progress for us as a Collective and for each member of the CBPM.  We owe a lot of thanks to our Advisor, the 10th President General of the UNIA-ACL and 9th successor to the Honorable Marcus Garvey’s United States of Africa Government, the Honorable Senghor Jawara Baye, all brothers and sister who have been meeting at the CBPM office to form the Atlanta Division 421, and to the Ancestors for their blessings.

In January 2009, President General Senghor Baye connected with the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) because of the nation building works we have been doing in gathering, documenting, and organizing the skills, talents, and intelligence of African people for the purpose of self help and collective development.  President General jumped on board immediately as a member and Advisor for the CBPM.  Since that time, President General Senghor Baye has been spreading the good word on the CBPM’s Collective focus and works to all his contacts in the UNIA-ACL Government, to all divisions of the UNIA-ACL throughout the world, and to all African people in his connections. The President General has had the CBPM on Harambee Radio/TV with Dalani Aamon regularly(www.haramabeeradio.com).  This has resulted in the CBPM growing on a national and international level as our new membership reflects.

In May 2009, the Garvey Whirlwind Day passed through Atlanta, Georgia, with the force, spirit, and energies of Marcus Garvey himself.  It was during this time, the attendees of the Garvey Whirlwind Day and Harambee Radio/TV 5th Anniversary made direct contact with the Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL Government.  Some of the brothers and sisters who attended these events came together and have been meetingcollectively with the CBPM every Sunday from the end of May until the middle of August 2009.