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Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC

"Making Sense of the Black Dollar"


Launching in 2012, ULU rests on the shoulders of those who came before us with the strong ideology of sovereignty, nationalism and self-reliance.

...Black people should be brought into one active community encompassing the whole Black universe."
- Marcus Garvey


"We are not planting, nor will we nurture, a business that does not generate wealth. We are not implementing a redundant campaign for funds year after year. We are building for eternity."


We do two (2) things with the profit gained from job creation and investments:

1. Provide Charity/Endowments to both create and support educational institutions

2. Provide ALL ULU Members a Return on Investment

 Though the Us Lifting Us Market & Exchange is our first priority, we recognize that expansion into manufacturing, hospitality, transportation etc is necessary for our continued stability. Therefore, it is imperative that we create an economy of varying businesses and entities (service, financial agencies, etc.). ULU is a living, breathing, sustainable system that produces wealth to support the causes we need to survive as a nation of Africans across the diaspora, while ensuring direct ROI.

All institutions we support focus on our youth and their future.

"The role of a school is to prepare for nation building! Success is not success without successors." - Nana John Henrik Clarke


 clearchoiceUs Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC (the Co-Op) is an economic engine and catalyst driving economic growth in the global Afrikan Community. More importantly, it is a crucial step in allowing Afrikan people to once again determine their own economic and political destiny, to return to the path of making history, to in a word, be sovereign! With Us Lifting Us, we are simultaneously starting a cooperative business, launching an alternative cooperative economy and promulgating an African worldview.

 The first project of the Co-Op, Us Lifting Us Market & Exchange, is an umbrella mechanism providing basic commodities of nutritious food through a farmer’s market, coffee/networking café venue, value-priced clothing, body and hair care products, bulk buying opportunities, as well as, buying clubs, a credit union, unique cultural and specialty items all accomplished through a sustainable community owned and directed model.

 Even more importantly, as the global markets yaw and sway violently through boom and bust cycles taking down national economies, throwing hundreds of thousands out of work and plunging middle and working class families into financial collapse and poverty, this organization represents as do other cooperative models the economic pathway to a sustainable future. The invitation to build and develop this institution is both an opportunity and a social imperative; positioning the African American community as leaders and guides for the global family. Us Lifting Us points the way forward, through cooperation, mutual respect for all life and a healthy self-love and self-determination.

 We invest in for-profit enterprises to ensure a continuous source of income to support educational institutions, businesses and issues afflicting our community; each of which we care about.

 Collectively, we pool our resources to uplift one another, hence our name Us Lifting Us. ULU serves as the 'bank' where these resources are aggregated. We use our collective resources to intervene in local life with businesses to combat the systematic economic deprivation our race suffers globally; creating jobs for our members and positively impacting our community and the business climate.