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What is ULU?

Us Lifting Us

ULU is an acronym for Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC, a global economic enterprise designed to change the paradigm of how we do business within our community and with others. Our primary objective is to put in place practical business models that give us the capacity to gain significant control of the economics of our communities and to free us from the current state of economic exploitation by multiple forces in the world.

ULUclearchoiceULU represents the leading edge of a new and exciting movement to integrate large-scale cooperatively owned business enterprises into the economic landscape of Black communities in the US and beyond. This innovation is necessary and has proven to be effective in helping communities gain their economic footing.

We are learning from tremendously successful models in other communities around the world; where hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been created, where many have been lifted out of poverty and where wealth and the tools of wealth creation are being successfully passed to future generations.